Patterns : use them or lose them

Continuing with the pattern design brief I’ve now started to look to applying the best pattern designs to products (design refinement and exploration of media and aesthetic options).

I’ve researched a range of designers, focussing on how the patterns are used. What products translate well to mainstream commercial pattern use – possibilities are wide ranging from textiles, clothing, kitchen products (tea towels, oven gloves, aprons), to plates mugs, duvet covers, pillowcases, cushion covers, and even right down to smaller merchandise such as greeting cards, notebooks, keyrings, pencil cases, pencils, mobile phone cases and  even cosmetics (packaging) and temporary tattoos.

Ive found inspiration through visiting Spring Fair retail show (Birmingham NEC) and brands/ designers such as,,,  and looking to the more well established mainstream designers (Cath Kinston, Orla Kiely) and their range of products in the high street stores (John lewis). Victoria Eggs has a great range of patterns which are nicely applied to a range of popular products.

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Spoonflower (‎) has been a great resource for pattern research, but also they can produce small fabric swatches, larger fabric rolls, giftwrap and wallpaper.  Ifound it really useful to upload jpeg swatches to ‘My studio‘ and keep a swatch library for the designs completed during this brief (@hairypearpress).

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 22.57.56

Since I’ve explored designs using a range of techniques and media like Acrylic cut out collages, ink drawings, watercolour and linoprint, its been great to be able to experiment and then refine ideas. I’ve found it challenging with processing through Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, particularly in getting the swatch and the pattern to repeat correctly.

I’d really love to see my designs applied to a range of products, but looking at the examples above most limit themselves to a few main items. e.g. Victoria Eggs breaks it up into Kitchen, Homeware, Gifts, Bags and Cards and Wrap. Some ranges have more products than others – probably the better sellers.





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