A Brief update: Product Shots

Surface Pattern Brief: An Update

Over the last week Ive produced a repeat lino block pattern using a small block printed multiple times (not the quickest, most efficient production method) as well as the screen printed textiles previously. I’ve realised that hand printing textiles needs the largest block/ repeat swatch possible to make it most efficient.

Ive now started to think about displaying and presenting patterns, fabric items, and being appropriate to their commercial applications and online presence. I was very grateful to learn a few photographic tips today for products shots and how to go about basic post processing within Photoshop.

I learnt about lighting for shots, SLR settings, white balance, hue and saturation, RAW image acquisition, and that desaturating the background helps the object stand out more. Up to now I have been using my iPhone, which although pretty convenient and good resolution doesn’t allow the same processing and anyway, I thought it was useful to develop new skills to be able to present my products at their best in future.


However, I also realised that my trusty digital SLR is ancient – now at least 10 years old – but now won’t even talk to a mac. They don’t get on. I can sympathise.



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