Why didn’t I know about this before?

Continuing pattern development I’ve been following tutorials for creating pattern swatches using Adobe Illustrator as a grid repeat – matching the edges exactly for a seamless repeat. Technically finding it quite difficult to copy the exact swatch. Generating a random pattern takes more effort than the grids and bricks – for one it can’t be done by the computer programme – ensuring there is enough random rotation and placement of each object is tricky to get the aesthetic balance right – I just eyeball it.


A bit of a discovery last week – I was aware of Spoonflower as an online resource for new patterns and original designs through social media – instagram and facebook, but I hadn’t realised the design studio platform and ability to submit designs for review and manufacture.

Ive uploaded the few patterns I produced so far – Its a great online resource of patterns and designers offering both the chance to manufacture small quantities of your designs and also sell the designs directly, generating commission ($$$). It also offers a bit of feedback – designs made public are available for comments and eventually sales as an indicator of popularity.  What a find.



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