Hoarding perfectionist…me?

Today someone called me a hoarding perfectionist. A bit of an odd observation, to be fair,  but it started me thinking about how we come across and how this can differ from who we actually are.

Lets deal with the Hoarder tag. I like to collect things, interesting items. In my mind this is different from hoarding. My definition of a hoarder would be collecting things that don’t serve a purpose. In my case (although I can see others may not appreciate the purpose) I keep ephemera and personal items of interest.

I collect memories – more specifically visual inspiration, stimuli, things that I’d like to see again, feel again, even smell again. Things with history, things in retirement with a previous working life and I enjoy bringing forgotten items and objects back into use, back to life. Re-purposing, re-using, re-cycling. Its all too easy to get swept away in the  ‘throw-it-away-and-buy-a-new-one society of today.

Now the perfectionist label. Well closer to the truth – its a spectrum and I like to do my best, but I’ve not problem not being perfect. I love randomness, making combinations, throwing things together and seeing what happens. I like messiness and experimenting, -The ‘what-if?’

I can quite happily accept mistakes, reflect on what happened and move on – I did my best and I can try again another time. In fact every artist and creative should know that sometimes the best work comes from the ‘happy accidents’.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” Scott Adams. 

We take very little time to reflect on ourselves, maybe for good reason – we may not like what we see, or maybe because its actually a difficult thing to do. Its similar to looking in the mirror – we assume what we see is what others see, but not true – in fact we see our reflection.

So after a spot of self reflection – I feel I have more than justified who I am. Not that we should have to – if I was a hoarding perfectionist well that would be just fine…

Hoarder; No. Collector; Yes…. Perfectionist; No. Too much wanting to please others; Maybe.



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