Children’s books…. and shelving it.


Aside from the next brief I’ve been independently working on a dandelion lino piece  which I originally planned to be a multi block multicolour print. I had shelved it because I wasn’t happy with the way it was going and was going have a think about it and revisit it someday.

My tutor showed me a collage technique with acrylics, cardboard mark making and paper cutout- in particular referencing a personally influential and gorgeously illustrated book – ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, designed and illustrated by Eric Carle (1969)


I had also been enjoying the illustrations in another great book with a more painted but similar blocky/ cut out effect. ‘There a wardrobe in my monster’ by  Adrienne Geoghegan and illustrated by Adrian Johnson.

Working with just a Phthalo Green acrylic tube and yellow medium ago Liquitex ink made me think back to the dandelion . I explore textures of application, mixing paint and ink, layering patterns and collage. I loved the combination of bright spring time colours and I think it worked well.


I now need to consider how to translate this into pattern. and how to I capture this – do I emphasise the 3D / collage effect or try to get the textures flat? Im keen to try out more ink based work – drawing with a pipette, and trying other tools for application and see can be produced.


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