Pesky Patterns


From the last few briefs I already know I struggle with choice, but this is more wide open than ever – the brief is completely self directed – can be wherever we want to go and we’ve got a lot of time to fill.  Sitting down and writing the brief was a challenge in itself. what do I really want to do?

After initially deciding on pattern design I then felt I’d like to look it exploring website design and web identity branding for Hairy Pear Press -a practical live brief to refine the printmaking side of my work, but following more procrastination I went with my gut reaction. What I was interested in doing. Patterns and Print.  Also, I like that there is more to explore, and need to just embrace not knowing where I’m going to end up with it yet.



Decisions are hard because its easy to think of it as we’re closing doors to the other options, but the better way to think about it is that its opening new doors, moving on and of course, around the ever refining design cycle.



Then I realised patterns are everywhere, in just looking around for a few minutes we see examples of so many different patterns, different origins, techniques, production – so much research!


After being a bit overwhelmed  I’ve now broken it down into small pieces with the help of the design cycle and now have a plan and a timescale until the final deadline and presentation in May.

  1. Understand the brief (easier than usual – I should because I wrote it)
  2. Research (primary, secondary), and more research
  3. Idea Generation  – which is what I’m doing at the moment. In truth this works hand in hand with research, and finding what direction to take it.

Ive been looking at themes – geographical schemes, a collection based around town, countryside, seaside, city, nautical. Another recurring source of inspiration the we see throughout design is organic based designs, flowers, plants, trees, and also including birds, animals. Flowers are tempting, but much has been done already. Part of me things maybe a bit ‘safe’? predictable? harder to put your own design aesthetic into such a well covered theme? One option is to concentrate on the flowers that aren’t often featured – weeds? I love the bright yellow dandelions that add interest within an otherwise plain green grass space. Grasses, seeds, bulbs. Vegetables. …


I really want to explore household items, kitchen utensils, tea, teabags, coffee, (I’m thinking of making tea towels as the final product), cutlery, crockery, bottles, jars as well as maybe more traditionally gender based collections- DIY tools and make up. Watch this space…



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