After drowning in detail on ‘We come in Peace brief’ Ive been glad to concentrate on something else. Its helped that we have been getting hands on with practical sessions – matching missing letters within the font family and trying to work out what fits – what are the words in the language of type. Typefaces, fonts, font families.

Anatomy of type – dissecting out the details – serifs, blocks, ears, descenders, counters and beards. Love type, and love typography. My latest favourite font is bauhaus 93 all curvy and smooth.

This is a sketch pull out the baseline, x-height, verticals and obliques. q has a nice beard. o has a even bowl.


bauhaus 93

Move over Gill shadow – a new favourite in town …

Reading around its fascinating to see the variety of fonts and the subtleties that make them different but also make them the same – the common themes that identify them as related – in the same family. Its again a case of really taking the time to look at the everyday and thinking beyond what we take for granted.

I moved on from Bauhaus to italics, punctuation, TimesNewRoman (more interesting than I thought…who would have thought there is a skewed axis on the lowercase o) and on to Zapfino, Helvetica and Hoefler. Together I will combine them for the typography finished piece identifying the type terms.


Reading and learning –

‘Modern’ lettering (above) the slightly more modern John Lewis Typography; influences and trends since the 19th century (1967), below have been interesting to re-read in context of the latest work.



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