The next Brief : Ten words

doing my homework _ wander, absorb, capture, say hello, join the dots.

doing my homework _ wander, absorb, capture, say hello, join the dots.

The next brief: Ten words

Hearing the details of Simon Roche’s (Smilin’ Wolf Agency, Liverpool) ’ten words’ presentation was, as I had already been told inspirational. But it was.  A word I would not normally use, but as well as providing base material for the next brief, it provided us with all we need to know for HOW to fulfil the next brief, and the next and the next. It is a bible for sparking and maintaining creativity. A reference go to piece of text to live your life by.

I took on the next brief not only to create the product of an A5 DPS exploring metaphors and text to represent one of the 10 ‘words’ but also homework being to out the statements into effect. I wandered, absorbed, looked up, captured, stumbled on situations, smiled, listened, started conversations, made contacts, made connections, networked, broke my routine (when practical, at least- other jobs made this tricky), or at least did something differently, embraced the inbetween, both moments and places. I sucked it all in. Creativity inspires others, which inspires others and the knock on effects of the concept are still seen around Liverpool and specifically the Baltic triangle today. I am a fan of various illustrators and artists based here. This is still the ripples in the pond.

My personal successes may have been small on the surface – I found a new favourite curiosity shop, bought a cheap box brownie, a tobacco tin (for keeping the letterpress organised) and an old original typography book. I talked to and connected to new people and started new projects as a result – but I think the deeper understanding has been invaluable. Write things down. Make them happen.


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